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Brian Kelly releases piano sheet Music from Afterplay album

I've just released sheet music for two more songs from my Afterplay album. These are Piano Transcriptions of "New Vision" (track #3) and "Reach For The Stars" (track #10). They're available now on my website as pdf downloads. Go to:

Brian Kelly - sheet music

Brian Kelly Afterplay Wins 2nd Place in Best Instrumental Jazz Category

Brian Kelly - Afterplay CDThe 2009 Just Plain Folks Music Awards Album Winners have been announced. I'm excited and honored to learn that my album, Afterplay, came in 2nd place in the "Best Instrumental Jazz Album" category. The winners are listed here:

New Sheet Music by Brian Kelly from Afterplay album

I've just released sheet music for two songs from my Afterplay album. These are Piano Transcriptions of "Afterplay" (track #6) and "Celtic Fire" (track #8). They're available now on my website as pdf downloads. 7 pages each, price: $4 each ~ recommended for advanced players or those who want insight into my piano technique, improvisational style, and contemporary jazz voicings. Go to:

Brian Kelly Afterplay album nominated Best Instrumental Jazz Album 2009

Brian Kelly - Just Plain Folks nomineeAfterplay, the latest album by Brian Kelly, has been nominated for "Best Instrumental Jazz Album 2009". "Celtic Fire" (track #8 on the album) has been nominated for "Best Instrumental Jazz Song 2009" in the Just Plain Folks Music Awards. See the complete list of nominees.

iMix – Smooth Jazz Piano Favorites

Smooth Jazz Piano iMix

Here's an iMix of Smooth Jazz Piano favorites, including some of my own tracks from Pools Of Light and Afterplay. If you like it, please rate it 5-stars. Enjoy!

iMix – Fans of Brian Kelly also Bought

Fans of Brian Kelly also Bought:

If you like this iMix, please rate it 5-stars. Enjoy!

CD review of Afterplay by Brian Kelly from WFSS

"I have found a jewel with Brian Kelly's Afterplay. This is a brilliant piece of musical arrangements with Brian on the keys and great compliment of artists sharing sheer genius! Afterplay is a wonderful blend of contemporary jazz with a taste of New Age. The music does it for me: smooth, melodic, entrancing and relaxing. Particularly titles: River Rush, Smiling South, Heaven On Earth and, of course, the title track. You can listen to Afterplay time after time. Brian takes you anywhere your music sensitivities want to go!"
- Dionne Maldonado,
WFSS 91.9 FM, Fayetteville, NC

Free Ringtones from Brian Kelly

All ringtones from my Afterplay album are FREE thru April 15th, 2009 on Go to

Vote for Brian Kelly music on

Two tracks from my Afterplay CD ("Flavor Seven" and "Celtic Fire") are currently in the "SongVault Jazz Finals Chart" at I would appreciate your votes to help these tracks make it to the top tier. You must log in to participate in voting. It's simple (no validation of your email is required). Once you're logged in, type my name in the Search box, click "Go", you'll see my list of my tracks on the right side, click on the track titles to listen and vote. Thanks!

Brian Kelly - SongVault

Afterplay debuts at #31 on Smooth Indie Star Chart

Afterplay, the latest CD by pianist & composer Brian Kelly, debuted at #31 on the Smooth Indie Star Chart on March 23, 2009 and is among the "most added" (in company with Boney James, The Rippingtons, Joe Sample…). For more information about radio chart activity for Brian Kelly, visit

CD review of Afterplay by Brian Kelly – Creations Magazine

Brian Kelly - Afterplay CD

Brian Kelly – Afterplay CD

"Afterplay is an exciting contemporary jazz album which engages the listener from the very first note. I was blown away by the immediacy, the insistence of the opening cut ìRiver Rush;î a driving, smooth and satisfying offering which I only wished lasted three times longer! … As the album played to the end, textures varied and moods shifted, but the quality never faltered from the high bar set in its first cut. Congratulations to Brian Kelly!""

- Creations Magazine

Join Brian's mailing list and GET A FREE SONG from the album! CD review of Brian Kelly Afterplay album

Brian Kelly - Afterplay CD

Brian Kelly – Afterplay CD

"Brian Kelly follows his brilliant debut release POOLS OF LIGHT with yet another outstanding, compelling collection of originals… The musical integrity and lyrical sensitivity that Mr. Kelly brings to the table for his projects is clearly evident on this release. At a time when commercial Smooth Jazz too often heads in the direction of clichÈ, Brian Kellyís AFTERPLAY is a refreshing example of how we can keep this music genre exciting and vibrant!"


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Brian Kelly Afterplay CD #3 on NAR chart 3rd month in a row

Brian Kelly's latest CD, Afterplay, has ranked #3 on the NAR Top 100 Radio Chart in January 2009. This is the 3rd month in a row that Afterplay has held the #3 position in the chart. The NAR chart measures radio airplay of Contemporary Instrumental, New Age, Ambient, and World music.

Brian Kelly - Afterplay CD

Brian Kelly – Afterplay CD

BMI Work numbers for Brian Kelly music

BMI Work numbers for Brian Kelly

9974254 – Afterplay

7340929 – Angels Breathing

7340932 – Calling For Rain

9974256 – Celtic Fire

7340924 – Cool Blue

7340926 – Expect A Miracle

9974253 – Flavor Seven

9974255 – Heaven On Earth

7340931 – Home At Last

9974251 – New Vision

7340922 – Open Sky

7340923 – Pools Of Light

9974258 – Reach For The Stars

9974249 – River Rush

7340927 – Sacred Waters

9974250 – Smiling South

9974252 – Snowflakes Rising

7340933 – Speak Your Heart

9974257 – Stone Shine

9974259 – Sunchaser

7340928 – Troubadour

7340925 – Unfolding

7340934 – When The Stars Align

7340930 – With Eyes Closed

ISRC Numbers for Afterplay album by Brian Kelly

ISRC NUMBERS for Afterplay album by Brian Kelly

US-SL6-08-00001 – River Rush

US-SL6-08-00002 – Smiling South

US-SL6-08-00003 – New Vision

US-SL6-08-00004 – Snowflakes Rising

US-SL6-08-00005 – Flavor Seven

US-SL6-08-00006 – Afterplay

US-SL6-08-00007 – Heaven On Earth

US-SL6-08-00008 – Celtic Fire

US-SL6-08-00009 – Stone Shine

US-SL6-08-00010 – Reach For The Stars

US-SL6-08-00011 – Sunchaser

Brian Kelly Afterplay CD #3 on NAR Chart Dec. 2008

Afterplay, the new CD by composer and pianist Brian Kelly, continued to hold the #3 position on the NAR Top 100 Radio Chart in December 2008. The chart tracks radio and internet airplay of New Age, Ambient, and World music.

Afterplay CD on Best of 2008 Lists

Brian Kelly's new CD, Afterplay, is appearing on some "Best of 2008" lists including: "Best of 2008 pick by Audiosyncracy" and "Kathy Parsons' 20 Favorite CDs for 2008".

Brian Kelly – Afterplay CD – Listen to full tracks

[bandcamp album=1608884605]

Brian Kelly Afterplay CD debuts at #3 on NAR Radio Chart

My new album, Afterplay, ranked #3 on the NAR (New Age Reporter) Radio Chart in November 2008. Thanks to all the radio people for their support!

Listen to sample tracks:

CD Reviews of Brian Kelly / Afterplay album

Brian Kelly - Afterplay CD
"There is a sense of raw and unadulterated joy in the playing that escapes many artists. You'll definitely want to keep your ears on this gent. He'll be at the top of the charts before you know it … Grand energy and style that gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me – very impressive!
-Improvijazzation"the swing and complexity of melodic jazz and the studio precision of Steely Dan… make a confident statement.
- East Bay ExpressEnjoying the CD already? Post your own review atCdBaby, Amazon, or iTunes.

Airplay map for Brian Kelly Afterplay CD

Brian Kelly Afterplay CD - airplay mapAfterplay, is being promoted to radio stations worldwide November thru December 2008. On my website I've posted an interactive Google Map which shows the radio stations that are currently (or will soon be) playing the CD. If you live in the listening area of one of the stations, please call the station noted and request my music. Follow the link to a sation's website and check their program schedule. My music is played on programs featuring new age, smooth jazz, contemporary jazz, instrumental or world music.

CD review of Brian Kelly Afterplay album by

Brian Kelly / Afterplay CD CD Review: Afterplay / Brian Kelly
Reviewed by Kathy Parsons
Date: Nov. 2, 2008

“Afterplay” is pianist/composer Brian Kelly’s follow-up to his exceptional 2004 debut, “Pools of Light.” Bright and upbeat, “Afterplay” provides a bit of sonic optimism in these days of uncertainty and change. Don’t get me wrong – this is far from ear candy or sugary fluff. More jazz than new age, Kelly has created a collection of eleven rhythmically and melodically complex pieces that are easily accessible for casual listening yet provide a substantial and sensual auditory experience for many repeated plays. Brian Kelly appears on piano, keyboards, percussion, penny whistle, and voice, and is joined by Eric Crystal on sax, David Rokeach on drums, Ross Wilson on brass, Carol Alban and Viviana Guzman on flute, James Robinson on guitar, and Tim Bolling on additional percussion. “Afterplay” begins with “River Rush,” a piece that is both energetic and leisurely. Piano and percussion give the silky sax a slight edge, providing an enticing opening to the musical pleasures that follow. “Smiling South” is one of my favorites. Beginning with an infectious rhythm and a playful piano intro, this piece dances and swirls with a joyful energy. Ross Wilson adds additional color and pizzaz with trumpet and trombone – love it! “New Vision” slows down the pace a bit, but maintains an upbeat, easy-going mood. “Snowflakes” Rising” is a gentle, sparkling musical confection – another favorite. I also really like “Flavor Seven,” again playful and full of fun with just a touch of mystery. The title track brings back the sax along with piano and some catchy rhythms – smooth jazz with a gentle bite. “Heaven On Earth” is a gorgeous trio for piano and two flutes. As the title implies, it conveys a blissful, floating feeling that is pure musical peace. “Stone Shine” features Kelly on a variety of keyboards along with guitar and percussion. Rhythmic and a little on the dark side, its playful energy is infectious. “Sunchaser” closes the CD as it began, easy and joyful with a toe-tapping rhythm and a warm sense of contentment. Brian Kelly has outdone himself with his second release. If you haven’t yet heard “Pools of Light,” be sure to pick up a copy of that one, too – the two CDs complement each other exceptionally well.

“Afterplay” is a real treat for the ears and is good for the soul as well. It’s available from,,, and iTunes. Very highly recommended!

New Brian Kelly CD: Afterplay – available now

My new CD, Afterplay, is available now and ready to ship! Order from my website:


I've turned up the heat on this album. It's more energetic than my first, while still offering space for beauty and quiet eloquence – it's a full meal! I remain committed to strong melodies, fluid chops, and richly textured arrangements, and am joined by some fantastic musicians who really bring the music alive: Eric Crystal on sax, David Rokeach on drums, Viviana Guzman and Carol Alban on flutes, James Robinson on acoustic guitar, Ross Wilson on trumpet & trombone, and Tim Bolling on percussion. The CD is also available from: CdBaby & Amazon

New CD from composer and pianist Brian Kelly to be released in October

Afterplay, the new CD by composer & pianist Brian Kelly, will be released October 15, 2008. A contemporary blend of Smooth Jazz and New Age styles, the album features the world-class talents of Eric Crystal on sax, David Rokeach on drums, James Robinson on guitar, Viviana Guzman on flute and other fine musicians. Both the physical CD and the mp3 album download will be available on

Join Brian's mailing list and receive a Free download from his latest album!

Track List:

1. River Rush
2. Smiling South
3. New Vision
4. Snowflakes Rising
5. Flavor Seven
6. Afterplay
7. Heaven On Earth
8. Celtic Fire
9. Stone Shine
10. Reach For The Stars
11. Sunchaser

Tim Bolling to play on new Brian Kelly CD

It's been a while, I know… What have I been doing?

New Album update

In July I returned to the studio to record tracks with percussionist, Tim Bolling. This month I'm working with mixing engineer, Gary Mankin, to bring the production to a new level of excellence.

If you'd like to hear a preview of the album, there's a montage of 30-second samples from every tune on the album posted at:

Viviana Guzman to play flute on new Brian Kelly album

New CD Update
Filling out the roster of excellent musicians on my upcomingCD release will be: Viviana GuzmanViviana Guzman – Flute. Viviana has performed as soloist with orchestras in Russia, Chile, Vermont, New York, Wisconsin, California, Texas, and Montana, in such halls as Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center, and other prominent stages with such artists as Mikhail Baryshnikov, Placido Domingo… Read more…

Brian Kelly recording and mixing new music

New CD Report

Recording and mixing of the new Brian Kelly CD are progressing beautifully. In addition to James Robinson on guitar and Ross Wilson on trumpet and trombone, tracks will feature:

Eric CrystalEric Crystal – sax


Eric was recently named one of the top 10 Rising Star Soprano Saxophone players in the renowned Downbeat Annual Critics Poll. He has worked with with Boz Scaggs, Omar Sosa, and others.

David RokeachDavid Rokeach – Drums

David has performed and/or recorded with: Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Ray Charles, Joe Satriani, Aaron Neville, Steve Miller, and many other world-class musicians.

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