Brian Kelly Suite for Piano and Chamber Orchestra – part 1

By May 15, 2013 No Comments

This month I share with you music from a suite for piano and chamber orchestra I composed in the late 1990’s (1. Heart’s Desire 2. April Sky). The suite sounds as if it could have been composed over 100 years ago – eminently suitable for a dramatic film score and without even a hint of jazz.

BACKGROUND: It was originally going to be my debut album, but I set the project aside, deciding instead to release “Pools of Light”, which I felt better represents my “voice” as a contemporary artist and integrates jazz with other influences.

FOREGROUND: I’ve picked up the thread again and am currently preparing the scores and files for the next phase of production, which is to augment or replace parts of this all-MIDI production with live performances on flute, cello, viola, and violin.

Music composed, arranged, and performed by Brian Kelly. Brian Kelly – piano, keyboards, percussion.

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