Brian Kelly at Grammy® Mixer in San Jose

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I had a great time at a Grammy® mixer event held at JJ’s Blues club in San Jose on Oct. 12, 2016 (organized by producer/engineer Michael Lazarus). I got to hang out with three great trumpet players, whose Contemporary Instrumental albums are on the 59th Grammy® Awards ballot this year. L-R: Jeff Oster (Live!), David Longoria (The Journey), Steffen Kuehn (Leap of Faith), Brian Kelly (Butterfly Rapture). Best of luck to all of us!

Mastering Session for Butterfly Rapture

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The mastering session for Butterfly Rapture, the solo piano album by Brian Kelly, took place on 4/17/15 with engineer Gary Mankin in San Francisco.


Song List for Butterfly Rapture Album

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Here is the song list for the 2015 Brian Kelly album, Butterfly Rapture (piano solos):

  1. Piano Escapade
  2. Room for Sky
  3. Flowers at Her Feet
  4. Lilac Horizon
  5. Chasing a Breeze
  6. Spiral Moon
  7. Hills in Bloom
  8. Niko’s Delight
  9. Playing My Heart
  10. View from the Swing
  11. Winter Aura
  12. Butterfly Rapture

Perhaps the most challenging part of album production for me is naming the pieces! Initially, I identify my pieces by the date of conception (for example, 20140316). Gradually, over weeks and months, I collect titles that evoke the mood of the piece. Then I check iTunes to see if those titles already exist. If so, I eliminate or modify those titles. I’m proud to say, all but one of these titles is unique on iTunes – at least, as of today! The final song list becomes a cohesive set of images that suggests a story and exists as a condensed form of poetry. It’s all part of the artistic process.
Butterfly Rapture album back cover

Mixing Sessions for Butterfly Rapture

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Mixing sessions for Butterfly Rapture, the solo piano album by Brian Kelly, took place on 11/7/14 and 12/27/14 with engineer Gary Mankin in San Francisco.

Pre-Production of Butterfly Rapture Album

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Pre-production of Butterfly Rapture, the forthcoming solo piano album by Brian Kelly, is currently under way using the following audio gear: MOTU DP8, running on Apple iMac (3.2 GHz Intel Core i3) OS 10.9.5, MOTU 896 audio interface, MOTU MIDI Timepiece/AV, Yamaha P-80 Electronic Piano, Mackie HR824 monitors, and AKG K240DF headphones.



Brian Kelly Music for TV and Video 2013

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In 2013 music by Brian Kelly was licensed for use in TV and video productions by: BBC Worldwide, Simon & Schuster, MTV/tr3s (for a reality show called “Quiero Mi Baby”), Fuji Pacific Music, Ecentric Arts, MeadWestvaco, and SGAE (Societat General d’Autors i Editors).

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Contemporary Jazz Album Sneak Preview 2

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Enjoy two more rough-mixes from the Brian Kelly contemporary jazz album project: “Monkey Stone” (Brian Kelly – piano, keyboards, percussion; Evan Francis – flute; Ben Mawhorter – tablas, djembe) and
“Liquid Embers” (Brian Kelly – keyboards, percussion; Eric Crystal – soprano sax).

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