CD Review: Brian Kelly Pools of Light

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CD Review of Pools of Light –

Here’s an excerpt from the review:

“…POOLS OF LIGHT is a lush, sparkling journey into a beautiful world of elegant melodies and brilliant artistry. The music rises and falls in powerful, yet gentle, waves of emotion… a totally captivating collection of original compositions that range from delicate, heartfelt solo piano (“Home At Last” and “Speak Your Heart”) to ensemble performances that are full of dynamic tonal color and intricacies. My favorites include the breezy “Open Sky,” the engaging, jazzy “Cool Blue,” and the equally jazzy and tasty “When the Stars Align.” … he translates complex emotions into engaging musical experiences that both captivate and inspire. I highly recommend Brian Kelly’s POOLS OF LIGHT as a collection of music that I am confident will find a permanent place in the “most-played” section of your music library!” Read the entire review.

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