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Tomorrow’s Daydream album Review by Janet Mawdesley

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Here is a Tomorrow’s Daydream album review by Janet Mawdesley at bluewolf-reviews.com:

Much acclaimed pianist Brian Kelly, has in his fourth album captured a little of what it is like to simply enjoy life, the moment of creation whether it be through music or living in this eclectic album of neo-classical gems to be enjoyed.

Tomorrow’s Daydream is a very definitive piece that sets the stage for what it to come and segues effortlessly into Tracing Rainbows, although the track is a bit more upbeat than the usual tribute to the splendour of the rainbow in its natural element. Perhaps this is not such an unusual meter to describe the beauty of nature as rainbows, in all their glory, are generally to be found after a storm or gentle shower of rain.

Fingers tripping lightly over the keys introduces Dancing with the Moon, a track which appeals to the imagination as it is very easy to see a lone figure, bathed in moonlight delighting in the moment, dancing freely, without cares, without limitations.

In a more reflective mood Journey Home is a more peaceful composition which in his signature style, at least on this album, builds to a peak before gently slowing and letting go, depicting the traveller, after a long journey finally arriving at journey’s end.

Secret Look bursts cheerfully onto the scene with a lovely up-tempo beat which encourages a smile and a little tapping of the toe, before gently shifting into the final piece Before You Go, which is tinged with a little sadness, as the end of this delightful album is fast approaching and goodbyes must be said until the next time. Slightly complex, the piece perfectly captures that moment when it is time to go but one lingers on, stretching out that moment of departure.

Kelly’s music background is varied and his ability to shift from classical, to gospel, then add the undertones of a jazz beat, overlaid with a world-fusion style makes this an album that will be enjoyed many times over.

Billed as a contemporary artist and solo pianist Kelly’s previous album Butterfly Rapture was nominated for the 2015 Contemporary and Modern Album of the Year, also collecting a silver medal for the Album and a silver medal for the title track Butterfly Rapture. This album has also been nominated for Best Solo Piano Album in the 2018 Enlightened Piano Radio Awards to be presented in Berlin in October 2018.

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