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Brian Kelly Wins Best Solo Piano Album Award in 2019 EPR Awards

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Brian Kelly wins Best Solo Piano Album Award in 2019 Enlightened Piano Radio AwardsComposer/pianist Brian Kelly has received the award for Best Solo Piano Album (for his album Tomorrow’s Daydream) in the 2019 Enlightened Piano Radio Awards. The awards concert and ceremony was held on September 19, 2019 at the Place des Arts (Cinquième Salle) in Montréal, Canada.

It was a joy playing my music at the Place des Arts, connecting with the other pianists, and sightseeing in Montréal. Winning the 2019 Best Solo Piano Album award was icing on this delicious cake! Thanks to Enlightened Piano Radio for making this event possible. I am grateful for the recognition.

Listen to Tomorrow’s Daydream on your favorite music streaming platform: https://smarturl.it/tomorrowsdaydreamcd

Composer Brian Kelly is a Finalist in the 2019 Enlightened Piano Radio Awards

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Brian Kelly - 2019 Enlightened Piano Radio Awards - Finalist - Best Solo Piano AlbumComposer & pianist Brian Kelly has been named a Finalist in the 2019 Enlightened Piano Radio Awards in the Best Solo Piano Album category for his album Tomorrow’s Daydream. He will perform music from his album at the awards concert/ceremony to be held at the Place Des Arts in Montreal, Quebec on September 19, 2019.


Album Of The Year

  1. Dan Kennedy
  2. Lisa Swerdlow
  3. Marc-André Pépin

Best Solo Piano

  1. Brian Kelly
  2. Marshall Barnhouse
  3. Milana Tchebotaryov-Zilnik

Best Piano With Instrumentation

  1. Brenda Warren
  2. Cathy McIntyre Oakes
  3. Donovan Johnson

Best New Artist

  1. KeithTim Anderson
  2. Tania Stavreva
  3. Vicente Avella

Best Holiday Album

  1. Pam Asberry
  2. Philip Wesley
  3. Ryan Marvel

Best Piano Jazz Album

  1.  Alan Storeygard
  2. Eric V. Bikales

Brian Kelly performs at the Berlin Philharmonic Chamber Music Hall on Oct 3rd 2018

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Composer & pianist Brian Kelly will perform music from his Butterfly Rapture solo piano album at 2018 Enlightened Piano Radio Concert and Awards Ceremony in Berlin at the Berlin Philharmonic Chamber Music Hall on Oct. 3, 2018 at 3pm.

Enlightened Piano Radio is an online radio station that specializes in the best of today’s Contemporary piano music, and is an international co-op of artists who support, encourage and perform “piano driven” music with each other.

Event: 2018 Enlightened Piano Radio Concert and Awards Ceremony
Date: Wednesday, October 3, 2018
Time: 3 PM – 5:30 PM UTC+02
Berlin Philharmonic Chamber Music Hall
Herbert-von-Karajan-Straße 1, 10785 Berlin, Germany

Get tickets here:

€45 (Section A)
€30 (Sections E and D)
€20 (Sections B, F, G)

About the venue:

This year’s nominees include (* = performing):

Album Of The Year
Shoshana Michel
Christoph Pagel *
Oscar Pascasio *

Best Solo Piano Album
Joseph Akins
Brian Kelly *
Milana Tchebotaryov-Zilnik *

Best Album With Instrumentation
Ben Dowling *
Gina Lenee’ Perkins *
Deborah Offenhauser *

Best Jazz Piano Album
Louis Colaiannia *
Alan Storeygard *

Best Holiday Album
Clifford Borg *
Rhonda Mackert
Tom-Pam Rule

Best New Artist
Pam Asberry *
Annie Locke *
Davide Stramaglia *

Additional performances by:
Anastasia *
Ovidio De Ferrari *
Reis Dixon *
Mark Dunn *
Karl Prybyloski *
Greg Starr *
Tania Stavreva *
Lynn Yew Evers *

More Info: www.enlightenedpiano.com
SongKick: https://www.songkick.com/concerts/35009989-brian-kelly-at-berlin-philharmonic-chamber-music-hall
BandsInTown: https://www.bandsintown.com/e/100239156-brian-kelly-at-berlin-philharmonic-chamber-music-hall

Interview with Brian Kelly – Music Industry Insights

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Here is a brief interview I gave recently on some music-biz related topics (published on Disctopia.com).

Industry Insights from Brian Kelly — An Award Winning Pianist

We talked to Brian Kelly, an award-winning composer, pianist, and recording artist producing contemporary instrumental and solo piano music. He is a voting member of the Recording Academy and resides in San Francisco Bay Area.

Q: What is the industry scenario for independent artists? What do you think an indie artist should do to be successful?

A: First, it’s important to define what success is for you as an artist. For me, the kind of success I aim for is complete artistic freedom and authenticity. I want to create what I want, when I want, in a way that is authentic to me, not written to please someone else or to fit within a genre. My attitude is: I support my music. I do not try to get my music to support me. As for what to do on a practical level, artists should learn as many skills as they can that apply to producing and promoting their music, because they will need to do it all themselves! Everything from marketing, accounting, graphic design, website management, booking gigs, and on and on. All of the discipline, dedication, and persistence an artist devotes to their art must also be applied to the business side of their music.

Q: How important is the genre of the music in today’s world? Is the market ripe for only a few types?

A: I think genre is becoming less central to defining and discovering music, especially because of user-created playlists on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Playlists are introducing new ways of categorizing music according to moods, activities, instrumentation, tempos, etc. This is a great relief to me because my music is not quintessentially New Age, nor is it specifically Jazz, it’s a hybrid of several genres. Expanding beyond the limits of genre-labels is a good thing!

Q: What has changed for you in the digital age of streaming and downloading as an artist—do you need a different strategy to promote and sell your music?

A: The internet, social media, and the media environment in general is primarily visual, and there is a vast and ever-increasing amount of content being created, all competing for our attention, and attention spans are getting shorter. I must admit, I am little behind the times in adapting to the digital age. I am still committed to the 40-60 minute album as the primary format for musical artistic expression, comparable to a symphony or concerto. However, I will soon start releasing video content and releasing singles from my next album project.

Tomorrow’s Daydream album review by Kathy Parsons

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Here is a Tomorrow’s Daydream album review by Kathy Parsons at MainlyPiano.com:

Tomorrow’s Daydream is the fourth album from SF Bay Area pianist/composer Brian Kelly. Although the album was just released, it has already garnered two silver medals from the 2018 Global Music Awards – one for “Album” and one for “Instrumental Performance, Solo.” I’m sure the awards won’t stop there as this is an outstanding album! All eleven tracks are original piano solos that reflect Kelly’s diverse music background. He started his piano studies at the age of 8, going on to study composition, improvisation and jazz piano through college and beyond. He also has extensive experience as a stage actor and singer. Strong jazz and classical elements are apparent in the music on Tomorrow’s Daydream, as are gospel, pop and rock influences that blend to create a sound that is uniquely his own. I should also mention that Brian Kelly has the chops to express pretty much anything he chooses with ease. “The boy can play!”

Kelly’s 2015 release, Butterfly Rapture, won and was nominated for several awards and is currently nominated for Best Solo Piano Album in the 2018 Enlightened Piano Radio Awards to be presented in Berlin in October 2018. Kelly’s first album, Pools of Light, was released in 2004 and was named “One of the Best Albums of the Decade” by this reviewer.

Tomorrow’s Daydream opens with the title track, a piece that starts out at a leisurely pace and gradually becomes livelier while maintaining a relaxed feeling. The energetic “Tracing Rainbows” expresses a magical excitement wrapped in swirling colors and joyful exuberance – a favorite! “Dancing With the Moon” begins with a Baroque-sounding intro that becomes beautifully delicate and almost fragile, gradually building to an expressive peak before returning to the softer theme. Near the end of the piece, Kelly inserts a passage that sounds almost like a harp – wow! “Our Own Window” is smooth jazz with a slight edge – cool, relaxed and very graceful. “Daffodil Hill” is another favorite with its joie de vivre spirit and carefree innocence. I feel exactly like this when the daffodils start opening in the early spring and a whole hill covered with them is almost euphoric! “Meant to Fly” takes a poignant, bittersweet turn that is as beautiful as it is emotional – another favorite. “Iris Blue” makes me think of dancers in filmy blue dresses gracefully welcoming the promise of spring – I really like this one, too! “Journey Home” begins with a simple melody that seems to have its soulful roots in gospel music, gradually building more complexity and then returning to the simplicity of the opening passage. “All of Thee Above” has a gentle, uplifting energy that is unhurried and free. The spirited “Secret Look” overflows with unbridled happiness – also a favorite. “Before You Go” closes the album in a more classical style that is both elegant and emotionally powerful – a fitting end to a great album.

Tomorrow’s Daydream is excellent from the first note to the last and I hope it will bring Brian Kelly the attention he and his music so richly deserve. The album is available from www.BrianKelly.com, Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. Very highly recommended!

Kathy Parsons – MainlyPiano.com

Brian Kelly on Music In Motion compilation CD

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“Angels Breathing” (from my Pools of Light album) is included on a new compilation CD called "Music In Motion", which showcases the music of piano artists from North America, New Zealand and Europe, who offered their music for audio-visual projects at Swan Lake: Moving Image & Music Award.

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