Review of Tomorrow’s Daydream Songbook

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Kathy Parsons, influential educator and supporter of contemporary and new age piano music, has posted a review of my new solo piano songbook, Tomorrow’s Daydream.” Here is the entire review:

Tomorrow's Daydream Solo Piano Songbook by Brian KellyTomorrow’s Daydream Solo Piano Songbook is a sparkling collection of Brian Kelly’s own transcriptions of the eleven original piano solos from his forthcoming CD release, Tomorrow’s Daydream. This folio is a little bit unusual in that the sheet music book is being released before the actual CD has been recorded. Brian’s transcriptions and the subsequent editing (by yours truly) were done from a demo recording Brian made with his electronic piano. Since much of Brian’s music is jazz-oriented, the final version of the recording will undoubtedly be different from the songbook, but the book represents how Brian felt the songs were best notated and played at the time, and the songs’ essence will remain the same. It is important to note that Brian is offering free access to the Members Area on his site to those who buy the book from his site (the book is also available from Amazon, but since Brian has no way of knowing who buys the book from Amazon, he cannot make this offer available to those who purchase it there.) While in the Members Area, people can listen to the whole album as well as other music Brian is working on. This little perk can be a huge help in hearing the tempi of the music and the general style of the pieces.

The book itself is really beautiful, with full-color glossy covers (front and back), spiral binding, 80-pound paper, and clear and clean notation. The spacing is roomy and easy to read, and some of the pieces include Brian’s suggested fingerings. The music is fun to play, but it is definitely not for beginners. For example, if you find David Nevue’s sheet music challenging, you might want to wait on this one until you get a bit more advanced. Timing is moderately complicated, some of the harmonies are complex, and several pieces are in difficult key signatures. The title song and parts of “Life Stream” are in the key of F# (six sharps), but “All of Thee Above” is in A minor and “Journey Home” is in C (no sharps or flats). A few spots have reaches of more than an octave, but not many. The music is challenging, but late intermediate and advanced players will find plenty to love while getting lost in this music and making it theirs. Recommended!
Kathy Parsons
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