What I’m Working On

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This year I’ll be sharing album projects with you as they progress, starting with my newest contemporary jazz project: “Walk on Fire”. It is comprised of 12 instrumental tracks in which I play all of the parts: piano/keyboards, percussion, and sampled instruments. The song formations and arrangements are essentially complete. However, some of these tracks sound a bit “Muzaky” to my ear. So, the next stage in the process will be to record live musicians (playing acoustic instruments: sax, flute, bass, drums) and replace or enhance the sampled tracks. Right now, I’m working on creating music charts (sheet music) for the musicians in preparation for recording sessions.
Music composed, performed and produced by Brian Kelly.

I invite you to listen, comment, make suggestions, or just enjoy.
SoundCloud commentsTell me what you like or don’t like. Suggest song titles or tell me which track should be first… Just go to SoundCloud and, while listening to a track, click on the blue bar below the audio waveform to add your comments/suggestions (see example: right). You’ll be prompted to login by using your Facebook account or establishing an account on SoundCloud ~~ easy. I look forward to hearing from you!

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